Anonymous asked it could be multifandom, but these are great, thank you so much hehe

It’s no problem :)) let me know if you need anything else. Glad to help!

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Anonymous asked hi, sorry to bother, but what are your favorite 4minute blogs? i want to follow new blogs, but dont know many ):

you’re no bother :) If it’s just 4minute blogs I only know like fy4minute but I know a lot of other blogs that are multifandom :D they post awesome 4minute stuff once in awhile. These are blogs on top of my head. They make my dashboard pretty: fourmania, its4minute, hyuna-s, ga-ho, stopsojin

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are u ever mean as fuck in ur head and u aint wanna be and u’d never say it out loud but that one voice in ur head is a total asshole and u feel bad for even thinking it and u wonder if thats how u rly are

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that’s not how it works chanyeol…

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4Minute & Korando Turismo CF

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Anonymous asked i was wondering if 4minute are going to be on weekly idol again?

i have no idea. i haven’t heard any news of them going on weekly idol again D:! i wish. i am very 4minute deprived ><

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Anonymous asked I wonder if I should stop stanning Hyuna and 4min. It's so hard to Stan her. Everyone seems to find a reason to hate her or misunderstand her. Honestly I love her but it's so painful. That tumblr post calling her comeback racist is too much. They don't even understand how it works nor do they know the background story, Hyuna doesn't even get 100% say in a lot of parts in the mv. Idk how Hyuna does it. It's so tiring. She's so strong..

OH NO! please don’t stop stanning hyuna and 4minute. Yes we are a small fandom and yes it is hard and tiring at times. She get so many hate for no reason but we should continue to support her. She is STRONG and that’s what i love about her! She continues to smile for her fans and she’s not afraid to try new things. I think what’s keeping her moving and strong i are her parents, 4minute, 4nias and her passion for dance and singing. The girl loves what she does. I think a lot of people already expect hyuna getting a lot of hate. Well I do. It’s hyuna. I had this conversation yesterday with other people. I think it was about her outfit. No matter what she does she’ll get bashed. Even if she’s all covered up someone will always find something to bash her. If it’s hard you can always talk to a 4nia or me :D *hug* 4nias reunite! So don’t stop stanning >< it breaks my heart </3 *give you hug*

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4minute Wave Chain Dance on Weekly Idol

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"The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence." - Beyoncé

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kpop MVs banned for odd reasons

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Anonymous asked I'm going to be a cashier just to get some money in. I'm really broke and I need money to get my license ($$$ in Germany) and a car. Oh, I've been to Vegas! It's so much fun :3 so I hope you have a great time there! I'll say goodnight now. Bye bye ♡

that’s still good that you’re making money. omg i’m still paying off my car loan x_x i think it’s going to take forever OTL! yes vegas is fun!~ since i’m over 21 i cant wait to drink those yummy fruity drinks LOL. haha. i have very low alcohol tolerance. Thank you anon and good luck!

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Put a kpop group in my ask box and I will tell you which member(s) I would:


  • Kiss:
  • Hug:
  • Marry:
  • Live with:
  • Be the little sister/brother to:
  • Bring on a picnic:
  • Take a romantic walk with:
  • Keep as a friend:
  • Hit a lot: 
  • Give a massage whenever he/she wants to:
  • Do anything for:

come on, send in groups! \(^o^)/

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Anonymous asked I'm doing good. Had a job interview today and they want to see me again tomorrow so yay I may be getting a job. Oh I had driving lessons today too. So many good things happened today. I just wish break was over. Where are you going for vacation? :3

OMG! that’s so exciting!!! eso if they want to see you again! good luck! what kind of job?! oh how was driving lesson? i swear i am one of the worst driver ever! i could have died 395849305 times but it’s a miracle i’m still alive! and i’m horrible with directions! I’m so glad you’re having a great day :D! i’m going vegas!!! WHOOT! it’s been awhile since i had a vaca tbh. I’m going back to school so I’m quitting all my jobs next week and gotta start backing up

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